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VM-Forum.com's Icon Community

VMART - Veronica Mars Icon Community
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VMART - Veronica Mars Icon Community in Association with VM-Forums.com
This is an icon community with the emphasis on icons related to Rob Thomas' Veronica Mars. This community was set up in conjunction with www.vm-forums.com for its members to share their icons. While we accept members we ask that you also join the forum as we discuss the community within there.

1.If you wish to join this community please apply to do so. Check out the forums for details on how to.

2.After you've read all the rules, head over to vm-forums.com and there will be details on how to join within.

3.If you click to join the community before you're accepted, or if you fail to read the rules, your application will be removed and you cannot apply again.

4.We are currently not taking requests.

5.Please be respectful when taking other people's icons. Remember to credit them and follow THEIR rules as well as ours.

6.When posting, please put a teaser with 2-4 icons. ALL animated .gifs should be under a cut and not in the teaser. Fake cuts are allowed, of course. Also, all the posts must have Veronica Mars related icons. If there are icons based upon different subjects included that is fine, but this remains a Veronica Mars icon community.

7.When posting teasers, only post Veronica Mars icons as teasers.

8.If your icons include spoilers, please make a note of it and place them under a cut. It is usually in regards to the most recent episode, but also warn if there are spoilers for the rest of season two.

If you're interested in being affiliates of have a journal change, please e-mail Ashley at the following address: ashleytwo@googlemail.com